A downloadable game for Windows

A point and click adventure game about sneaking into an aquarium.

This game was originally intended to poke fun at poor government funding, and how fiendishly expensive aquariums such as AQWA are, but then I found out that AQWA is privately funded.

Growing up in Perth, AQWA was known for its dolphins, and although we now know a lot more about ethical treatment of animals (keeping them in small enclosures and making them entertain us is a no-no) there was also a spate of dolphin poisonings. Yeah, someone poisoned dolphins. Pretty gross!!

So rather than make light of literal animal poisonings, I decided to make a light game about an eight year old conspiracy theorist who is SURE that this aquarium has dolphins, no matter what her parents say.

Unfortunately due to the technical limitations of the program used to create this game (Adventure Game Studio) it is currently only playable on a Windows operating system. I'm sure that more platforms will become available in future.

Follow me on Twitter at @bideobames if you'd like to see more of my work, including in-progress screenshots of my next game projects.

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Author"Bideo Bames" Games
Tags2D, Point & Click


Brine Scene Finvestigation - Windows.zip 16 MB

Install instructions

Run the winsetup or Brine Scene Finvestigation executable to play.

If the mouse speed is too slow, open the acsetup file in a text editor such as notepad, and edit the "speed" value at the bottom to a higher value. Usually something around 300 works just fine.


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What's that 'bucket and spade' song called?

It's a song by WOOZE - I believe that specific song isn't published elsewhere, but you can find their other music here!


I can't believe this is by the same people. The music in this game sounds nothing like WOOZE's other music.

The music is just lovely.

Thanks!! I can give WOOZE credit for that! Their tunes are fantastic



Your appreciation is so appreciated!!!